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Thread: Delicate Things Poll

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    Delicate Things Poll

    SCI does strange and not so wonderful things to our bodies. I now wear male diapers full time. I'm like a basketball player, I dribble a lot before I shoot. I have been wondering (idle minds do this) what under garmets we wear.
    1. Regular briefs, boxers, panties.
    2. Regular underwear with urine protection.
    3. Full diaper-like underwear.
    4. I go bareback. No undies at all.

    I realise this reads like an ADI from Chicago question, but your answers are appreciated. ADI can't have all the fun

    Open Up,
    Dora Jahr

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    I go commando with a texas cath and leg bag when I'm workin, or socializing for more than 5 hours. Otherwise Attends diapers since I hate using restrictive leg bags.
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    About the only thing I do normal, I wear the same kind of boxer briefs that I did pre SCI..

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    commando w/maxi pad

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    How many timea has this thread come up?

    I hang loose...Less layers to mess with getting dressed, and adjusting wrinkles once I'm in the chair....

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    Diapers can be really bad for your skin. For women, there are limited options. For men, an external condom catheter (ECC) can be used for heavy leakage.

    If you only leak a small amount with physical activity, you might want to consider a drip collector ("penis pocket"). They slip over your penis and adhere to your underwear or slacks with an adhesive strip or can be used with the Conveen net pants. Many of my clients who are athletes use them when playing quad rugby, wheelchair basketball, or other sports.


    (Shop around for pricing)

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    get a urolume, use a condom cath & leg bag and then u can wear briefs and just cut the edge of the leg u flop your weiner to for the tub....thats what i do (minus the urolume)

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