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Thread: Great Ozzie news ....Therapeutic cloning bill passes in the Senate !

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    Thumbs up Great Ozzie news ....Therapeutic cloning bill passes in the Senate !

    Woohoo ! Now fingers crossed for the House of Reps, though I'm quietly confident it will pass there too . [This is a copy of a post I posted in the Oceania Forum ]

    Stem cell bill passes the Senate
    Mark Metherell and Phillip Hudson
    November 7, 2006 - 9:34PM

    The legal ban on human embryo cloning in Australia is likely to be lifted after the Senate voted narrowly to support the change tonight.

    The legislation has passed the third reading by 34 votes to 32.

    The legislation is expected to gain backing in the House of Representatives.

    The vote came after a barrage of conflicting speeches by dozens of senators.

    Former Health Minister Senator Kay Patterson, who put up the private member's bill arguing for the change, was the last to speak before the vote and appealed to senators not to stand in the way of regulated medical research that could offer cures for the future.

    The bill would allow researchers to clone human embryos to extract their stem cells, in the hope of one day finding cures for debilitating diseases
    [ ...cont...
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    Great news Peter! I hope such enlightenment is contagious.

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    Austrailia, interesting.

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    Good to hear.

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    Wheel thro a'natha shreemp onda bahbee mate! Good news Australia!
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    Excellent! I know that you have worked hard on this so it must be especially gratifying for you. I think it is great to have as much research as possible, competition, collaboration and new ideas can only help. Keep up the good work and spur those ozzies on Dogger! Deb

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    Great news Dogger,


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    It's not a done deal yet . It still has to won in the House of Reps [ in about 2 weeks] yet . And If it is won in the House of Reps , but amendments are attached to it in the process , it has to go back to the Senate . However most of us are confident that the vote won't be as closely fought in the House of Reps .
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