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Thread: Ohio voters

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    Ohio voters

    I'm writing to urge you to vote for Rep. Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate when you go to the polls on or before Tuesday, November 7.

    As a Congressman from Lorain County, Sherrod has earned a reputation as an independent voice for ordinary Ohioans and middle-class families - a man of principle who has made a career of standing up to special interests who have too much influence in Washington.

    Sherrod supports an increase in the minimum wage, protecting Ohio jobs, stem cell research, tighter borders, and a balanced budget amendment.
    You can learn more about Sherrod's campaign for the U.S. Senate on his website:

    This election is too important for anyone to sit on the sidelines. Don't forget to vote for change on Tuesday.

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    Great post, Betsy. Rep. Sherrod Brown has demonstrated he is a great supporter of our community, as well. He would be a great ally for us in the Senate.


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    Not a problem. Two votes coming his way tomorrow.

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    Is he the only Ohio candidate supporting embryonic stem cell research?

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    Can I get a big ol' AMEN for my sistah in Ohio?!?

    I think he's gonna pull it off, B...

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    O I'm just ecstatic at this point. Now we have democratic governor also. This shift a positive thing for escr, but as well for disability issues in general here in Ohio that were on a downward spiral. Last night I had two major right winger conservatives in my apt. O, it felt devine when I heard the news esp since they were there!! I'd post my picture from last week with Sherrod but its not a great one ha! Thx Sue, Bethany and Kendall!

    posted by rtr: Is he the only Ohio candidate supporting embryonic stem cell research?
    Newly elected Governor, Ted Strickland wants to expand embryonic stem-cell research.

    Do you have questions on a specific elected official, rtr? Can try to help answer
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    I"m tickled pink.

    We should have invited some Republican friends over last night. What's a little gloating between friends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    Good MORNIN', Betsy!
    Hello! time to rise n shine, my Okie friend!

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