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Thread: pressure relief

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    pressure relief

    My daughter can not do pressure relief in her manual chair.she has been getting pressure sores ever since she had a baclofen pump. The spasms helped with her moving a litle in her chair. She does not want a power chair due to her poor vision and she could not control one that she tried.

    She has used high profle Rohos for years and I think they are doing as much as they can to hlep.

    Any suggestions on a chair that can help with pressure relief or a better cushion? Thanks

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    Do you have access to have your daughter get "pressure mapping" done while she is in her chair with her roho? This involves evaluating what cushion is best and where her highest pressure points are. Rehab facilities often have this or places that evaluate persons for wheelchairs/cushions have the pressure mapping equipment.


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    There are several brands of cushions that automatically adjust air pressure in alternate sections of the cushion for pressure relief. They are pricey though. I also don't know how reliable they are and have never used one or no anybody who uses one. Here are a few links:

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    My son was on an 'Ease Cushion' and we had tons of hassles with it, the main one being it never really helped with pressure sores.

    When he was in a manual, we made two straps to go over the push handles of the chair, of webbing, with grommets, that he could put his arms through, and then go down for a weight shift; he then used the straps to pull himself back up.

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    I've used a Jay2 cushion for 12 years and never had a pressure sore. I also have a power chair with tilt, recline, power legs and VSR and I stand everyday. They're all very important. I'm in my chair for about 15 hours each day. I have the Jay2 Deep Contour cushion now.
    Pressure Mapping Sounds like a good idea for her. Good luck

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    supracor stimulite

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    Naugle, What kind of power chair did your daughter try? There are many different models and makes, with different drives (front vs rear wheel).

    I'm not sure why poor vision would be a problem in a power chair, and not a manual. Also, I just checked your profile, and saw that your daughter has MS, which, unfortunately, is progressive. There may come a time when she really needs to use the power chair.

    Power chairs will give her the ability to tilt and recline to relieve pressure points. My son has been on a Permobil chair with a Roho cushion, and has had no problems at all on these.

    When he was in a manual chair, as a C4-5, he couldn't do his own pressure reliefs, and because he didn't want to ask for help all the time, he went without and got some skin breakdowns.

    So you might want to see if she can get to a good seating clinic, to try out some different power chairs. Also bear in mind that it takes some getting used to - just like driving!

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