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    I'm buying new casters but I have a choice between 4x1 and 4x1.5. All my pushing is on concert or carpet so I'm deciding which would be best. Any suggestions?

    They're near the bottom of casters.

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    i would go w/ the wider ones, they will displace more weight so the casters won't get as bogged down in the carpet or other soft surfaces.
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    go with a rollerblade type caster....after having gone to a wider, flatter caster on my new chair, i REALLY miss the rollerblade wheels....I don't glide over things like I did before, I'm ALWAYS getting caught on door threshholds and uneven surfaces....I'll probably wait until these wheels wear out(shouldn't take long, they're a hard surface) and then I"ll be buying some blue rollerblade wheels for my chair...
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