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Bethany- I never stated that i had regrets about my procedure, however i strongly believe that it should be stopped due to the fact that it does not work and *could* have negative effects. Dr. Lima never had rats walking using his technology either btw. Honestly, think about it, do you think that there are people out there who would be willing to take a chance with a proven therapy in animals in hopes of restoring their mobility, of course! I do not think this is thought of as being a maniac rather doing extreme measures in hopes that they would no longer be paralyzed. Take a vote, or simply look to all the people who are still going to Portugal because desperate people do desperate things, expecially with this horrific condition. Some people are like yourself and choose to set back and wait for solid proof before taking drastic measures, i am by nature a risk taker and feel that many others would/are doing the same thing..


I went the extra step and searched for your post about your tumor concerns from Dr. Lima's procedure. I just KNEW I had seen that somewhere. Anyway, I found it. This is why I said that I was surprised that you are in such a hurry to get willing humans injected with Dr. Kerr's new therapy.

Believe me, I want this cure badly, and soon. I don't want tumors appearing in my (or anybody's) spinal cord. There IS a reason for extensive animal testing. It's not because they think the animals are more important than us. Those poor animals are being sacrificed for us, so that we won't suffer unexpected consequences-like tumors on our spinal cords.

In some ways, I am also a risk-taker. I hate to see people disregarding concerns like tumors though, when you expressed that concern yourself 2 weeks ago. Some things, once done, can never be undone.

Maybe you could tell us more about the concerns you expressed re tumors, the testing that was done, and why you are no longer concerned about this type of unwanted result from a new therapy? You did mention that this was all important, so this is a good time to enlighten us about your thoughts on side effects from rushing into unproven treatments.

I AM glad that the testing you had done apparently eased your concerns about tumors and the Lima procedure. I think it would be good for us to know what caused your concerns and why you're no longer worried.

From Susan Fajt, 10-19-2006
"You are so right, i probably should post my improvements as it does give hope to others who do not know what to do nor where to go in hopes of functional recovery. Honestly, I needed to take a *long* vacation as i have underwent many tests to make certain i had not developed tumors due to my procedure through Dr. Lima's procedure as i have *lots* of concerns, still do.. I will post more in the appropriate thread as these tests are important and should not go unannouced. Anyway, i am still walking with braces and a walker, you would be proud!
It is outrageous that a cure is not more visible and it is up to us as a community to change this situation at hand, may Godspeed be with us.. Glad to back to the computer/work btw. (sigh)"


Susan Fajt


It's okay to be a risk-taker, but if you're experiencing fears about tumors following a procedure it would be good to keep the sci community informed. If people start popping up with spinal tumors, it's not only going to set them back, it will set the entire field back.