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Thread: Wanting to donate manual hoyer lift

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    Wanting to donate manual hoyer lift

    Any suggestions on who might pay
    shipping to take it off my hands?


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    I see them for sale on EBay all the time. You might try there.

    I would caution you though that if this is one of the older type with the chains that attach to the slings, these were recalled due to numerous patient injuries about 5 years ago. I am not sure that I would risk giving it to anyone. We got rid of all of our Hoyer brand lifts where I work several years ago, as they are more likely to tip over than other lift brands.


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    Um just got last year, no chains, just the metal...harness? carriage? that holds the sling.

    I'd really just like to donate, no profit.


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    No Decafe,

    It sounds like you are wanting to donate this to an organization and that is commendable Howver, if you can't find someone or someone's to take it off your hands I might do that if it's something I could help to get a 230 lb man in and out of the bath tub. However, while I don't have the cash to buy a lift, I am able to get a loan for one and pay it back over time, so if you find someone who has no means of getting funds for one period, I'd rather it go to them. But, if you find yourself stuck with it, and really want it out of the way, let me know. Thank you! Carol

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    Help them walk again in Las Vegas non prophit REHAB that works on donations with spinal cord injured individuals.
    5300 W.Charlston blvd
    las vegas nv.

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    Do you have info on the recall??!!

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    Thanks guys, I donated to the equip closet at Magee Rehab. I forgot I had an appointment and brought it with.

    Thanks again.


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