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Thread: How to loose weight without stomach muscles

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    Question How to loose weight without stomach muscles

    Im a TM10, so i have my upper stomach muscles but not my lower ones. How do i work out my stomach muscles and loosing that excess weight if i can only do modified situps. Is there any other exercises that i can do that will help?

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    Are you really overweight, or is your lower abdomen stretched out due to the muscle paralysis and the weight of your abdominal organs? The latter is much more common. Measuring subcutaneous fat is one way to determine if you have excess weight, but this should be done over the lower ribs on the side, or in the upper arm.

    What is your actual weight and height? Do you have any amputations?

    Wearing an abominal binder will help prevent this overstretching.

    Do a search on these forums for "quad belly" and you will find many previous posts about this.


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    No im not overweight....i dont think. I am about 5'4 and am about 155lbs. All the weight is in my stomach because of my ab paralysis.

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    This gives you a BMI of 26.6.
    While there are no SCI-adjusted BMI tables, these are the best we have right now:

    Underweight: Below 18.5
    Normal: 18.5 - 24.9
    Overweight: 25.0 - 29.9
    Obesity: 30.0 and Above

    This puts you in the lower end of being overweight. If you want to take some of this off, it is safest to plan to reduce your current caloric intake by about 500 cal. per day. This should result in a 2 lb. weight loss weekly, possibly more if you increase your activity level. It will not necessarily firm up your abdomen though. It is "fat" due to paralysis and muscle overstretching, not due to excessive fat tissue being deposited there.


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    KLD, Once the abdomen is already stretched out from a "quad belly" is the case with me....will wearing an abdominal binder let the muscles tighten up somewhat or is "the toothpaste out of the tube"? Everytime my pants get too tight, I buy another pair one size larger...then they become too tight...then I buy yet another pair one size larger and so on. Is there no end to it? Thanks.

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    A binder will not correct it, but it will help to prevent it getting worse, and it will give you a little slimmer appearance.

    A friend of mine with tetraplegia just recently had plastic surgery to correct hers. I am waiting to see how her recovery goes before recommending this to anyone else. Of course after the surgery she is still at risk for getting it again unless a binder is used.


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    Have you tried wearing support briefs- the tight high waisted undies-pulled up over your belly.I find that is helps with the appearance of para belly.
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