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Thread: SP Infection

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    SP Infection

    What should I be doing on a daily basis to keep my SP site clean? I have been washing it with soap and water daily and covering it with antibactarial cream such as neosporin and a bandage. I have had my SP since May with no problems until about a month ago it got infected now I believe it's infected again, I will go to the doctors tomorrow to confirm but I'm sure that's the problem. I have a headach and I feel like I'm pissing myself but I'm not. I am a c5 c6 quad complete.


    P.S. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Sounds like you are doing the right stuff, but if its giving you a headache and you feel like you gotta piss maybe you should make sure its not plugged up or something, it could also just be bladder spasms from it irritating the inside of your bladder like jabbing it. Are you talking about an infection of just the entry site like its red or irratated around there, or a whole UTI.

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    Just the entry place, I feel just the same as I did when it was infected before.


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    dgrotz - I am glad that you are seeing the doctor tomorrow. It does sound like it is re-infected. Was there a culture of the area before to determine the infecting organism? If not, you might ask about this. If the infecting organism is known, then you can learn what is causing the infection and how to avoid this in the future. I would suggest that you keep the area open, following cleansing and applying the antibacterial cream. The bandage may be keeping the area too moist.

    Are you also certain that you are not allergic to the antibacterial cream? There is always that possibility; that would then keep the area from healing. I would suggest that you also discuss this possibility with your doctor. CRF

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