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Thread: transferring barebottomed?

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    transferring barebottomed?

    Are there any good tricks for transferring bare bottomed with a transfer board, off the commode chair, shower bench, etc.. ? I am just learning transfers and I 'm afraid of skin tears.
    Any helpful suggestions for transfers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Put a towel over the wheel and brake ...
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    I put a towel over the wheel/brake and also won't transfer bare-butt without a towel on the transfer board itself.
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    if my butt is dry, i won't put a towel on the board but i transfer in soft little hops. i can feel my butt and i have good control. i don't recommend it though.
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    Off a shower bench I like to use the towel to make a higher hand hold to get my butt up easily. On and off the can my grab bar on the wall is high enough to get good lift. I think the main thing is have a higher hand hold so you are not trying to lift off of the surface you are on.

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    I put a pillow case on the slide board for my husband to transfer bare bottomed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer
    Put a towel over the wheel and brake ...
    I do not like high brakes and you can never have enough towels.

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    Either a towel or pillow case ON TOP of the slide boad (don't put the slide board inside the pillow case or wrap the towel around the slide board). Usually this works best.

    Powder is sometimes used, but I don't like it as it not only cakes unless you are totally dry, or it gets on the floor and makes the floor very slippery and dangerous for any caregiver.

    Another trick that I learned from a client is to use an upside-down paper Chux (the kind with the blue or peach plastic backing). Put the paper side to the slide board (on top of it) and the plastic side to your butt. Works as well as a towel or pillow case, but on the downside it can be more difficult to get out without tearing it.


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