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    Help understanding

    I am just looking for some help understanding this. When my father was injured in Januray they put a feeding tube in. Which had some issue. At one point it was not in correct and was going under the skin. The tube was taken out when he went to rehab at the end of March. He came home in end of May. Then this past Sunday my mother noticed that it was red and looked like it was infected. When he went to his wound care appointment yestrday they did blood work, ekg and a cluture and scheduled him for surgery. To debreve the sore he got on his leg after he got his new chair and I guess you'd call it debrevement of where the feeding tube was.

    I understand where the leg sore came from. but I'm having trouble grasping the consept of how the feeding tube location would get infected now? And anyone give me and ideal of how that could happen?

    I know I should wait to see what the doctor sayes but I don't have the paitents...

    Thanks in Advance

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    The procedure is a debridement (cutting away of dead tissue). If the area is not open to the air, but appears to be infected underneath, it is usually called an I&D (incision and drainage) but sometimes debridement is also needed.

    I would guess that your father developed an abscess at the site of the feeding tube, esp. given that it appears to have been dislodged at some point. Abscesses can lay quinescent below the level of the skin for some time, then later flare up into an outright infection. This sounds like this is what happened. I hope that your father is being seen by a competent wound care specialist. The surgeon should be a plastic/reconstructive surgeon. Don't just do this with a general surgeon.


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