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Thread: SCI patient from Thailand Complete or Incomplete

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    SCI patient from Thailand Complete or Incomplete

    Hello, I am ran from Thailand. I had a bus accident 8 months ago. T11 -12 fracture and dislocation. First 3 days i had feeling down to my knee and could move my legs but after surgery i had nothing feeling until 1 month passed I feel hot and burn in my legs if I have not hot and burn feeling I will have light touch. My hip > 3 levels I can move my leg by using hip muscle but my knees and ankles cannot stretch. From mentioned before, I 'd like to know that it complete or incomplete. Can you tell me? Complete means nothing feeling and movement below injury site. Hot and burn in legs are feeling or not? Thank you.

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    It is likely at your level of fracture that you have a conus or cauda equina injury. Burning pain on the backs of the thighs, genitals and buttocks is common with with injuries. Sensation would need to be to touch or sharp/dull with a safety pin. Neuropathic pain (burning, etc.) is not the same as normal sensation.

    Do you have sensation at your anus that is normal? This would be the criteria for being incomplete sensory. For motor, you need to have movement in at least half of the key muscles below the level of your injury, but the motor scores can be less than 3 to be an ASIA C. To be an ASIA D at least half of these key muscles have to have a motor score of 3 or more.

    You can get much more information from this excellent article by Dr. Young:

    SCI Levels & Classification


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