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Thread: pressure sore...HELP

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    pressure sore...HELP

    i got the advice of a fellow cc member "martha" that i should post this question. i asked her for advice about my so's most recent trip to the hospital. a small...about the size of a jelly bean...pressure sore formed; the hospital sent him home and said stay off it. it's stage 1 - dark purple and doesn't blanch - with thin dry skin over top. my questions are - for what length of period should he stay off of it? is he able to at least sit up and eat his meals? and for how long? i'd really appreciate any advice as i am new to all this sci stuff.
    THANKS stormie

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    Stormie - You need to do everything possible to not have a pressure sore advance to a more deteriorated stage. He needs to stay off of the area until the tissue returns to normal. That actually means staying off of it continuously. A pressure sore forms and can advance to a stage 4 within a matter of hours.

    A pressure sore forms when an area of tissue over a bony prominence is compressed and the blood supply is cut off. Oxygen (carried by the blood) is the basic nutrition for a cell so when the blood supply to an area is compromised, the cell(s) dies, leading to the formation of a decubitus or pressure ulcer. Any pressure on this area will compromise the blood supply and thus inhibit healing.

    I know that this is a harsh reality but trying to get this healed as quickly as possible and prevent its further deterioration, will be much better than trying to recover a later stage of breakdown.

    For more resources on pressure sores:
    University of Alabama, Spain Rehab Center: and Paralyzed Veterans of America: Scroll to Clinical Practice Guidelines - Consumer #14. CRF

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    thanks so much for the quick reply...jim and i both really appreciate it.

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