Jack: Nexium is a wonder drug, and it was such a relief when it came out. I had two instances where I tore the lining of my esophagus....it was scarry. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of nexium.....but after 4 1/2 years on it, and following my SCI and subsequent loss of med ins, I stopped spending the $120 for a mo supply in favor of the more urgent meds given the CP I have. Of course it didn't take long for that rancid burning in my throat to come back. Prevacid just doesn't do the job....BUT...taking a tbls of organic apple cider vineger before meals works wonders. So far, after three weeks, not one incident of acid reflex (please note though that I was scoped a month before I quit the nexium and my esophagus was clear). Oh...if you decide to try this, don't make the mistake I made and take the vineger straight....mix it in applejuice or something similar.

best of luck