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Thread: Can't find this certain kind of toilet seat.

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    Can't find this certain kind of toilet seat.

    I took it off of a toilet chair that sit over my toilet. It had drop arms on it. It is 16in x 16in. But it is the foam I can't find. I've looked up all the DME's but it don't explain the material. It is a harder foam. I can take my thumb and push down on it real hard and it will sink down maybe an inch. It don't have the real white shinny top. It is more like a soft vinyl. Don't remember where I got it from.I guess I am going to cut part of the back off and have to go to all the DME stores and see if they can help because when I call them they are not sure of what I am talking about. Any help.
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    i'm not exactly sure what you're lookin for mary, but might an upholstery shop be of any help?

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    Try posting a photo here and maybe we can identify it.


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