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Thread: 9 weeks grades, son has all A's!

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    9 weeks grades, son has all A's!

    I'm sorry if I seem to be repeating myself. All is still not smooth sailing, raising teenage boys is still hard. But after a really rough adolescence, my son is making straight A's and is lined up to graduate high school with his class.

    He worked 42 hours at Burger King last week.

    He thanked me last night for doing his laundry.

    We go to "family therapy" once a week. Last week the counsellor said to take a week off.

    For all of you that have listened to me moan these past years, and comforted me when I melted down, and wondered how long before this kid went to prison, thanks for the support. One thing about it, I sure have learned to enjoy the good moments.

    For everybody with teenagers wondering how their family can possibly survive this phase, just grit your teeth, try to find something to laugh about-and take a vacation WITHOUT them once in a while!

    Just icing on the cake...yesterday my husband took my little doggie and me to the dog park. It's rough terrain, I can't go there by myself. I loved watching Dingo remember how to play.

    I'm getting stronger. My endocrinologist agreed to hold off on nuking my thyroid, and the meds seem to be working. Latest catastrophe = I do have a lump in my breast grrrr, but have a mammo today and I feel confident it will be nothing major. Still getting caught up on stuff neglected during the past 6 month's illness, but getting there. That part is frustrating, food stuck to spilled jelly in the fridge meant I had to clean fridge thoroughly to get groceries, every time I turned on oven smoke detector went off so had to clean oven to bake pizza, 3 hours just to open envelopes on monster bill pile. But bit by bit by bit...

    So that's the update. Just felt like sharing, and thanking everybody that pm'd or emailed or posted sympathy or carried the load when I couldn't do it anymore. Carecure is such a source of support when the chips are down, and people here celebrate with you when things look up. Don't know what would have happened to us without you guys!

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    Sounds like there are some happy parents in the house! Glad things are looking up.
    The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. ~ Don Juan Matus
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    I'm so happy for all your small victories Beth .... happy and relieved! Its good to know we may have played some small part in altering a little of all that negative consciousness ! Everything you say about raising teens is sooooo true ..... you are one smart Mama. Keep fighting the good fight ...... Oklahoma is on my list of things to do before I die .. so take lots of herbs and wash them down with lots of gogo juice cause you're gonna need to be in really really good shape for that visit !

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    He owes all this success to the exceptional parenting skills of his amazing mother!

    "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

    "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it."~Edgar Allan Poe

    "Dream big, you might never wake up!"- Snoop Dogg

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    Thats great ! I raised 4 kids (all grown adults now) and we
    had many bumpy roads. Its was hard but worth the love they give
    back in return.

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    You're still in my thoughts!
    I am going to go do retail therapy today so will think of you then too.
    Have fun getting boobies smashed, I think mammo's are so much fun.
    Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--Mary Kay Ash

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    Hi beth very proud of your son mom and dad also

    My son turned 12 today 1 more year untill teenager cant wait

    I am going for my first mammo next friday I wish you the best with your results anty
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    What! Never knew you were going through difficult times. If I did I would of had your back. Do you know who I am? Besides the fact that I'm Kevin? I don't know but I don't think I just made any sense. Perhaps it's best I just say nothing else.

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    Never underestimate the power of corporal punishment!

    LOL J/K


    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Three words, Betheny:

    You. Big. Show-off.

    *I'm pleased for you really *

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