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Thread: cleaning leg bags

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    cleaning leg bags

    please tell how others clean their leg bags and what is considered the best method.

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    1) Rinse once with water only

    2) Rince second time with capful of bleach + water

    3) Rinse final time with water only

    4) Leave hanging with clasp open and betadine packet covering connection

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    The dilution of bleach should be one part bleach to 10 parts water, for an appropriate disinfectant concentration. CRF

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    Using Bard Flip-Flo's (which don't accidently open like the twist kind did...) we use antibacterial dawn dishsoap (a few good drops worth) filling with hot water while closed, rubbing the flow into and out area well and overall, including the rubber tube to move any sediment build up on inside wall of it. Rinse luke warm a few times, complete the rinse with cold water with a few times swishing around overall. Hanging them open and pulled open to air out for 48 hours=4 bags. The tubing stays connected to the ends and the bags are clear for up to a month and they don't have a urine smell to them either. Bleach seemed too harsh on rubber tubing, causing connectors to loosen up quickly.
    Ah, I see indwelling caths would make a difference with the sanitation of leg bags son uses condom caths more often than cathing. Don't mix bleach with anything else though, even antibacterial soap.

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