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Thread: Question: Spinal Cord Stimulatior

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    Question: Spinal Cord Stimulatior

    I'm a student currently researching on "spinal cord stimulator". I was wondering if anyone here could offer me some general information on it or direct me to websites where I can this information. Also, is there a difference between Network Spinal Analysis and the Spinal Cord Stimulator?
    Thanks for your help!

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    do a google on tens units

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    SCS have nothing in common with tens units
    cauda equina

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    hello I have a SPINAL STIMULATOR and have had it since FEB.2003 ,it has given me the most relief out of anything instead on a pain in my bottom and shotting down my legs , I get a tingleing ,there is a battery pack sewn right into my bottom in the fatty area so you don't feel it and I have a remote control that I can control the strength up or down and on or off mine is made by Medttronics I love this and the battery pack will last 3-5 years , they have a good web site MEDTRONICS.COM check it out it sure was worth it for me ,they do a 14 day trial if you don't get 50-70% improvement they remove it , I would recomend and body with sci to at least look at there web site and maybe talk to your DR; DRANZ good luck with your reaserch it's a really good site , it can help all parts of the body ,look into it ;LBUSH
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