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Thread: Stool softener alternatives?

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    Stool softener alternatives?

    I currently take one stool softener morning and night (docusate). I'm curious to find out what my alternatives are, especially natural alternatives, because ultimately I would like to stop taking them altogether. Of course I am concerned about constipation so I'd like to gather as much information as possible before starting this process.

    My diet is very good -- mostly fruit and salads with some chicken, and I've been reducing my other medicines over the last few months. I currently take:
    60 mg baclofen per day
    2 docusate per day
    5 mg oxybutynin XL every 32 hours

    What other methods are out there for softening my stool? Thanks!

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    i've recently got in the habit of eatin 3 or 4 prunes every night. they help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollin64
    i've recently got in the habit of eatin 3 or 4 prunes every night. they help me.
    Prunes and other things like high fiber multigrain bread cause a lot of pain and irritation to my belly. They work... but the negative side effect on me is just too much.

    Thanks, though

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    You might try prune juice instead of prunes, it might not be as hard on your stomach. Also drink a lot of liquids, but you're probably doing that already.
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    Really feel Kelloggs All-Bran BUDS (Not just all bran) helps me.

    Just 2 tablespoons a day. I eat it dry. No milk.

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    fibercon,metamusil or benefiber.
    i wouldn't consider taking colace 3 times a day harmful at all.
    its not like laxatives that you should use sparingly, IF you can, however many have no choice.
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    I stopped taking the docusate and switched to fibercon tablets. I still take Sennekot in the morning.
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    flax seed (ground up and straight, perhaps a table spoon a day or in bread), swedish style rye bread ( the brittle crispy type) or lots of high fiber tortilla chips. All of it has to be combined with lots of fluids. You'll have to experiment to see what's right for you. Too much of these natural laxatives could cause a bm disaster.

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    For a smooth move......take Metamucil everyday and increase your fluid intake throughout the day.

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    Colace (DSS) is one of the safest medications you can take. Prunes and prune juice should be considered stimulants. They are not softeners. More fiber can be helpful, as can higher fluid intake.

    How much DSS are you taking? It comes in both 100 mg. and 250 mg. sizes. We don't even bother with the 100 mg. size, and many of our clients have taken four 250 mg. capsules daily for many years without problems.


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