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Thread: your favorite meat

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLC379
    prime Tbone or porter house steak. about the only way you can get prime is to raise your own.

    moms pan fried chicken or quail

    hard to pick a favorite, i like every kind of meat i have ever tried except lamb
    where i can buy quail?please dont tell me ....go hunting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adi chicago
    where i can buy quail?please dont tell me ....go hunting.

    hunting is the only way i ever got any, a few restuarants serve quail but its real expensive. will let ya know if i find a place to buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by adi chicago
    where i can buy quail?please dont tell me ....go hunting.

    Our goal is to get our quail in every grocery store. Manchester Farms quail are already available in over 5000 grocery stores especially in the sun belt. First, look in the frozen poultry section near the frozen turkeys. Our marinated products are in a red package. If you don't see them, ask the meat market manager stock them. You can also email us here to get a better idea of a store that currently carries it in your area. Please include your name, address and phone # so we can include you in a monthly drawing for a free "Quailgating" Party Pack. If your local grocer can't currently get it from his warehouse, give him this flyer and ask him to call us. (Free Acrobat Reader required).
    While doing this yourself, tell everyone you know that would also want our quail to do the same, including hunting and fishing buddies.
    If that still doesn't work you can order direct from us. Prices are here.
    Ultimately it will be cheaper if you continue to try and get them through your grocery store so good luck and thank you for your interest in Manchester Farms quail.

    tel: 1 800 845 0421

    Copyright 1999 Manchester FarmsĀ®. All rights Reserved.
    Website design and development by
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    Me and my dog Dakota really love baby back ribs finger lickin good my dog is a little shi tzu he eats everything I eat today it was fish and chips . All this taking about food I think tomorrow I'll cook up a Prime Rib and give Dakota the bone yum
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    roast pork and crackling..i got to go to the supermarket now, got to get a roast.

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