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Thread: Anyone use a sliding transfer shower bench?

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    Anyone use a sliding transfer shower bench?

    Just wondering if any of you use a sliding transfer shower bench. Any comments would be great help. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary's Mom
    Just wondering if any of you use a sliding transfer shower bench. Any comments would be great help. Thanks
    I used it initially when I got injured... I used baby powder both on the bench and the board so my butt would not stick to the board...

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    I am talking about those benches that slide over into tub area.

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    Are you talking about this type type with a separate chair that you can also use over the toilet like the Nuprodx one below (several other manufacturers), or one that just slides further into the tub after you transfer (second photo, also several models).

    I am in the market for a used one of the first type myself. We use this for home care for many clients who cannot get or afford a roll-in shower.


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    I am talking about the one that you transfer onto from your w/c and then it slides over into tub area. Nurse -(the second picture, except not tub mounted. We made the tub into a shower- but it has a lip and cant get regular tub bench close enough to his w/c. You can purchase sliding transfer benches that are wider that would stick out a good distance from outside of tub so make a closer transfer. Hope that make sence.

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    Yes I use just a regular transfer shower bench. It has the extended seat that extends out so I can transfer on it then slide over to the toilet seat. I have to have the kind with a toilet seat so I can wash my private areas.
    Especially if I have an accident I have to wash up. I don't know if it is the kind you are talking about. Mine is not like the kind the nurse showed. I have it in my bath tub. It does have adjustable heights. Go to or go to google and type in toilet seats and it will take you to a lot of sites to search for different kinds.
    I put a high density foam toilet seat on my toilet and am having a hard time trying to find another on like it. I took it off of a drop arm chair that use to sit over my toilet so I figured out a way to take all the clamps off of it and put to things on the toilet that has the two bolts that goes on the toilet and it works so good but it is time to replace it and I can't find another seat like it. It is 16in x 16in. really comfortable and wide. I also have the two arms attached to the toilet that goes to the floor so I can hold on to.
    If the shower bench is the kind I am thinking about they don't cost much. I can get up close to it to transfer but another thing is I have a grab bar on the wall to help pick myself up to get on the extended part of the bench.
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    Would you have a picture of your shower bench? This is the kind I am wondering about. I'm not sure if it would be safe and sturdy to transfer on..

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    I am so sorry but I don't know how to put pic's on here. But it is just a plain one that cost about 145$ light tan. Did you go to spinlife and look up toilets or transfer benches? It will hold up to 350lb's. I'll see what I can do.
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    Hey I just checked the site you have on here if you go to it and click transfer bench, not the slideing one, and look down on the one with the toilet cut out and you will see the one I have. It has one arm on it. But I turned the seat around so the opening is in the back so I can reack my hinie. I've never tried the sliding ones. I like the ones with the extra hang over. I am able to transfer by myself and slide over by myself. Wish I could help more.
    I can't remember what level or age your son is.
    I'm a dummy with tecnical pc stuff. I never have tried to put a pic on here.
    I'm going to send you a private message.
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    Gary's Mom
    Was your son in a Rehab Center? If so, your Occupational Therapist is the one to tell you what kind of equipment you will need at home. Different injuries require different equipment. High injuries can't use the same kind of equipment as someone who has all their trunk strength. I think you need to consult a professional about the type of equipment you need.

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