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    On 9/15 our family's lives were altered. My brother in law was injured bicycling. He presented with a C5 complete injury. This is all complicated as he is also a physician and has been on board making decisions and contributing to his care since the accident. A difficult place being a doctor and patient. He is presently overcoming PE's and a vent weaning period. He should be on his way to acute rehab next week. I have been reading on these pages since the injury and have felt strengthened by your discussions.

    Now my question. He is sitting up in a wheelchair daily AM's and PM's. When he returns to bed he is shivering. No change in temps. Seems to decrease if he is bundled up in warm blankets and the head of the bed is raised. Is this a result of the stress of sitting up? Any thoughts
    Thanks Julie

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    Welcome to our forums. Be sure to get your bro-in-law here on-line as soon as possible. I hope he knows that he can continue to work as a physician with this injury...I know a number of physicians at this level. What is his specialty?

    The shivering is most likely due to him being chilled. What is his body temperature? It is likely to be quite low. ICUs are usually kept pretty cool, and in the chair he is more likely to be lightly clothed (only a johnnie or hospital pjs). People with higher SCI do not have the ability to conserve body heat or get rid of excessive body heat in the same way as ABs. This is due to lack of connection of the body to the hypothalamus through the spinal cord. Normal sweating and vasodilation or vasoconstriction does not occur. Dressing more warmly, using a lap robe (in the ICU) of bath blankets, and wearing a stocking cap will help with this. In the future, he will need to learn how to prevent and manage both hypo and hyperthermia.

    Where is your bro-in-law? Where is he going for his rehab?

    Please keep asking questions. That's what we are here for.


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    He will be going to University of Michigan Hospital. He has been on the Fall tour of michigan hospitals the last few weeks. ICU to rehab to ICU now he is at an LTAC until hopefully soon dc to rehab.

    His body temp doesn't change 98.0 . He is up and dressed in a wheelchair. He has managed the shivers with positioning and blankets...just a curious mind.

    His specialty was ER board cert until he retired. Now he volunteers at a clinic and does prompt care part time. He has heard of many docs that are still practicing. I am looking forward to him meeting some at UM.

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    One of my clients was a vascular surgeon until he received a C5 injury in a horseback riding accident. He was in his mid-50s, but managed to change his specialty to internal medicine and get board certified, hired a nurse practitioner to help him in the office, and now is still working as a primary care physician 10 years later in a rural community in the Southwest.


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