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Thread: Voice activated MP3 player?

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    Voice activated MP3 player?

    Someone has asked me if voice activated MP3 players are available. I have never seen one. I wouldn't have thought the manufacturers would have gone to the trouble but you never know. If anybody knows of a company that makes them, could you tell me.

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    I don't know anything about this software, but apparently it lets you run a MP3 player on a Pocket PC with voice controls:

    I found some information about the e.Digital MXP 100, but apparently it is no longer made. Not sure if you could find one on eBay or somewhere else used. Apparently it worked pretty well, and was totally hands free (voice controlled).


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    voice activated mp3

    It seems to me this would be a HUGE benefit to the blind who use audio books and love music. ipods are impossible to navigate if you can't see the display!

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