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Thread: Fitness Centers and accessible equipment

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    Fitness Centers and accessible equipment

    Hello All,

    Does anybody know if any of the large fitness chains have any
    accessible weight equipment that is wheelchair accommodating. For
    example does 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness or Ballys have any Uppertone,
    ACCESStrainer or Rickshaw type of equipment ?


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    Most large chain gyms have equipment that can be used by the mainstream - your general cybex, bodymasters, hammerstrength, etc. Some of this can be used by SCI depending on your level of injury and how much function you have, and your ability to transfer on and off of equipment. Another thing to consider is how packed their facility is - some of the equipment is so close together it can be impossible to maneuver a wheelchair around. If you are looking for equipment that is specifically wheelchair adaptable, you'll have to search locally for specialized gyms that may do rehab but also offer packages for people who want to come in and work out on their own. Sometimes universities that have PT or ATC degree programs have adaptive gyms. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with what is in Texas. But another possibility to look into is inquire with the most local quad rugby team where they work out. Just some ideas...

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    i have a versatrainer made by bowflex works great fot me

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    Reaton, I graduated from the University of Texas Arlington. This is one University that offers full rides to wheel chair basketball players(3 National titles while I was there). I have not been on campus for "several" years but they did have several gyms in addition to basketball courts. Some of the equipment and one basketball court was designed and or designated for wheel chair use. They may be able to help or direct you. I know that a drive from Plano to Arlington would take about an hour on a good day.

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