At risk of being [attacked].....

I like to think of the disabled community as [analogy only] the spokes of a wheel. I dont know how many spokes it takes to turn a wheel and I am talking an old timey wagon wheel here......

All the spokes come together at the center to make the wheel function. Much like what all this arguement is about. Lets pretend cure research, advocacy, quality of life, money, scientists, and whatever else [even a few horn tooters] helps our community are all spokes on the wheel.

Whether they be care related or cure related, the wheel cant turn without one of them functioning......well maybe it would just be lopsided and a HELL of a bumpy ride!!!

Why argue care vs cure because in the end it is quality of life we are all searching for whether one feels that quality is in a cure or is in a better world with no barriers.

I am a bit confused and amused at one posters abilities to pick apart a thread and turn words around to where the whole thread becomes opposite of what the original poster intended.... What is the point in all this???? Thought provoking discussion? No just time wasted trying to seperate out what is really being said!!!!

I am thankful that their are those out there that advocate for a cure and also those that advocate for barrier free equality....I do not care for those who "toot their own horn" so to speak as they dont represent our community as a whole.

Definition- horn tooters=those who use their disability to draw attention to themselves to get preferential treatment whether it be positive or negative.