Injury shapes med student's insights on rehabilitation, testing own limits
Injury gives med student new insights
By Heather Simonsen
Special to The Tribune
Article Last Updated:10/16/2006 07:04:05 PM MDT

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University of Utah medical student Gael Yonnet, right,... (Al Hartmann/The Salt Lake Tribune )
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document.getElementById('articleViewerGroup').styl e.width = requestedWidth + "px"; if(requestedWidth > 0){ document.getElementById('articleViewerGroup').styl e.margin = "0px 0px 10px 10px"; } University of Utah medical student Gael Yonnet has an easy rapport with his spinal cord injury patients. That's because Yonnet knows exactly where they are coming from.
Yonnet, a French citizen who graduated last week from medical school at the U., was paralyzed from the waist down in March after a devastating fall while competing in the USA Snowboarding regional championships at Snowbird.
At first, Yonnet said he wanted to die. Then he found strength he didn't know he had. Most patients with spinal cord injuries return to work a year later. He returned to medical school just three weeks after being released