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Thread: Bowel Program In Bed?

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    Bowel Program In Bed?

    My caregiver who is on in the am and lifts me has injured his back. i have been doing my bp laying on my side in bed. it is excruiating for me because it takes so long sometimes i'm there for over three hours. he has very large fingers and my anus is always hurting.
    although it was no piece of cake sittig on a cold hard potty chair, it never took longer than 1 1/2 hours there. i still have to lay on my side in bed 20 mins.either way.
    which is heathier ? and how do i train my body to go every other day?
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    That happened to me when i had to do it in bed due to a sore. 35-45min, upto 2hrs when in bed.

    Do you take any meds to go?? If you do, don't take them for the off day.
    I'd also suggest you don't plan any big "To Do" that off day.... Just in case.

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    We've done the BP in bed daily since her SCI. She's on her left side (the least painful position for her). Mini-enema first, dig stim later to get the rest. At best, 15 minutes. At worst, maybe 1-1/2 hours. Usually a half hour or so.
    If your rear hurts from the dig stim, I'd be worried about hemorrhoids developing. Using plenty of lubricant? Do you use a mini-enema or suppository?
    - Richard

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    Gravity definitely does help, which may be why lying down position does increase the time.
    Are you doing your BP daily now? IF you want to switch to every other day, I'd tray as above, only taking meds on BP day. If that doesnt work, try your stool softener on the off day.


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