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Thread: more backrests

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    more backrests

    im wondering about buying a backrest for my soon-to-be second chair, which i will still be using on a regular basis, as i have a powertrike attachment. my current backrest sling is too low (an rgk) and i want something to go on the existing canes, and within the backrest bar. ive been looking at the roho jetsream, but like the lateral supports on the invacare personal back... trying it out isnt a realistic option, so im relying on ads and what other people say. it doesnt need to fold, and i have fixed side guards. ive been looking at all the option at sportaid and spinlife (mostly invacare and jay active, extreme, etc..), and if i buy one quickly i can get a friend to pick it up in the us and bring it to me...
    any help narrowing my choice?

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