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Thread: Something positive...:)

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    Something positive...:)

    Hey everybody!

    In view of all the negative things being said around here...

    I thought I would put up a positive thread...

    There used to be one just like this at the old CareCure website...

    My question to you is...

    Who would you want to meet from the CareCure Community and why?

    My OWN answer is still the same as it was back then...

    I want to meet ALL of you...because you are all individuals who have helped me learn and grow and cope and endure and enjoy and LIVE...

    Everybody matters...everybody is somebody...

    If I HAD to choose ten people I would want to meet and why...they would be...(in no particular order)...and yes there are a zillion on my if your name is not here, you are STILL on my list....just unnamed at the moment...LOL...

    1. Wise Young for his compassion and tireless efforts here...
    2. Alan Hess for his endurance and his heart for others...
    3. Tim C. for his ability to reach out for others while going through so much himself...
    4. LBUSH for his friendship alone...
    5. DanNC, ZillaAngel, and husband Chad...because we WILL meet...we live too close to each other NOT too...LOL
    6. All the chat know who you are...consider yourselves hugged...{{{group hug for chatgang}}}
    7. SueM for her love of life and sense of humor and friendship
    8. RustyReeves for putting his heart on paper...
    9. Dann21 because he and I have been friends a long time...
    10. Chris2 because he is a good friend...and he has to admit to being older than me...LOL

    OK...who's gonna reply?


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    I'd like to meet anyone on here who's passionate about and believes in a cure for SCI, wether they have acted on it or not. My reason being, they're likely to be on the same wavelength as me. I've made some good mates on here so far, some I speak to almost daily and I know I'll definitely meet them at some point.

    Remember, every days a day closer folks so keep that booty in shape

    In fact, I'll add that to my signature!

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    Oh, the difficulty. I met many of the people I wanted to at the Rally this year. Of those remaining, in no particular order...

    1. Dogger. I want to hang out at his ranch with some crazy people. I think he has a beer-tap installed in his house, so parties would be fun!
    2. Cspanos. I'm sure we could find something to chat about. For starters, I'm thinking Natalie Portman.
    3. RehabRhino. Similar to Cspanos, but with a FireFly marathon tossed in, as well as an introduction to his many lady friends.
    4. Cherrylips. Because we'd have fun in the clubs.
    5. Ck/christophuh. I'd hope some of the cool would migrate my way.
    6. DA. To find out what he's smoking. It's gotta be better than bc bud.
    7. JimmyMack. Because. Do I need a reason?
    8. Bcripeq. It would be weird, but I'd like to listen to him and get inside his head to better understand the premises underlying his viewpoints.
    9. Chick. Living dangerously is fun.
    10. Scorpion. At a comic convention, where every geek embraces their geekdom.
    Dang you Teena for limiting me to 10!'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    I've been fortunate, have met so many since the first time I saw this question years ago. Mainly right now I'm missing the ones I have met but it's been too long since I got to hang with them. Right this minute, specifically, I'd like to lay a hug on November, jplw and KiranA, and I woke up missing ProfessirX

    Lately I'm craving international travel. I want to visit Canadians...


    and 3 Brits


    3 Aussies-

    A Norwegian

    So those are my Top 11 Internationals I'd like to meet. There are too many Americans to list. Amazingly there isn't anybody I've met that I wouldn't love to see again.

    If you live in a foreign land and a middle aged redhead shows up with a wheelchair and a backpack, please. Let me in! I'll buy the beer!

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    In no particular order:

    1. Kiran--we're gonna booty shake to JT all night!
    2. Betheny--Kansas girls stick together, duh.
    3. Wise--I owe him a hug.
    4. John Smith--he always has been an encourager for me.
    5. ck--Because I really wanna meet the boys. Haha.
    6. AO/Phil--because he's a good guy (most of the time :P)
    7. Lexi!!!!!!!!!!
    8. JazzyJeff--I'd even wear a matching shirt. Well, make that a maybe.
    9. Spanos--just because I'd like to smack him in person just once.
    10. Open spot for everyone else.
    If there is light
    it will find

    --Charles Bukowski

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    To shoot a comment here; in the best parties we always have those besssewissers coffee latte folks sitting in the kitchen gossiping about the folks having fun in the living room where the real party happens. How come?

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    I forgot a Canadian...Lynnifer. I suppose all of you are spead across 5000 miles or something, right? Making it impossible for an American to just visit Canada and meet all or most of you? I know Kiran and ck are on opposite coasts.

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    Come back for a second's allowed...Teena's thread = Teena's rules...


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    Just 10 huh?

    well of course my favorite bloody fun Aussies Brock, Ian, cspanos
    that crazy Leif so we can get drunk and worship a mermaid
    Wise so I can thank him for his dedication and cc, my lifeline.
    Kate and Lindox two cool chicks I could hang with and discuss politics
    DA because I must verify his existence, and make him laugh.
    Todd,Buck, Jeff, chick, Bethany, Aly, Steven, juke, Lynnifer, Cali, RR....Too many to list! I can't do just 10!
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    Mitchell , Qld. Australia
    Beth , my door is always open to you and the many other friends I've made on CC . In fact my house is never locked , even when I go away ; the doors and windows don't have locks on them . And the day any friends of mine need to bring beers when they visit is the day the undertakers will be be kicking dirt over me . Actually it will be a few days later , because in my will there is a clause setting aside enough money to buy enough booze for a bloody good wake ! My coldroom is always stacked , with a reserve supply sitting beside it in case of unforseen circumstances like being cut off from the pub by floods etc . Perishing from thirst is a real possibility out here and is not to be taken lightly .

    So for anybody with an inkling to visit me and see outback Australia , give me a call . Just be prepared for a culture shock . You'll need to travel lots of miles through a largely uninhabited , arid landscape , but you'll be made welcome when you get here . Unaccompanied ladies get first preference .
    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    If you live in a foreign land and a middle aged redhead shows up with a wheelchair and a backpack, please. Let me in! I'll buy the beer!
    Every day I wake up is a good one .

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