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Thread: Holy Schite I Can Move My Legs!!!!

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    Holy Schite I Can Move My Legs!!!!

    Not really,but i can eat a lemon poppy seed muffin and wash it down with fresh hot black cup of coffee....and i shall.

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    you're shitty...and i'm gullible
    Never take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway

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    Hey your back!

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    Thanks for the laugh this mourning shaun. That would be pretty wild just to wake up one mourning though and be able to move your legs after so many years SCI, only in our dreams I guess.

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    You beast, Shaun!

    I thought you were serious when I read the thread title, and I was excited for you. Pah!

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    You gotta get up earlier in the morning to suck me in. I'm too old to be gullible. But you sure made me giggle.

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    Not only did your legs move it made my finger click the mouse button.

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    Welcome back.Did you have fun?
    Be yourself!!!
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    Where'd you go? What did you do? Did anybody pat your head in truly condescending fashion? And did you bite their fingers off??

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