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    skin issue

    In our time together , Debbie has never had a pressure sore. She's always been very careful about preventative measures, and perhaps she's simply been lucky as well.

    Now, because of extra weight, compression fractures, and breathing issues, she stays in a sitting - usually at least somewhat bent-over - position most of the time and can't shift her weight for relief.

    She has an area just under her left buttock that looks "chafed" that has us concerned. Since I've never dealt with a potential pressure sore, and it's been a long time since Debbie had an issue, I'm wondering what is the best current treatment we can use to treat this.

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    As far as I know, the best treatment is to entirely remove the pressure if possible. This might mean spending more time in bed lying on the other side. Obviously, then keep an eye on both sides.
    Do a search here on pressure sore - there are many posts on this subject.
    Good luck,

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    Definitely agree with above-identify the source of pressure and keep off.
    Staying in a sitting position puts direct weight on the buttocks skin.
    I'd recommend she stay in bed totally of the area for a few days. If this is her first, she should heal quickly. Also, wash area with saline and can use duoderm, water based gel such as curafil or apply op-site patch.
    As suggested above, search this and follow directions for stage 2 wounds.


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