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Scientists vs. politicians; same here - some of the politicians seems to be the experts, the same 70 cures as for adult stem cell research are echoed by some opponent politicians here as well. Some of them have also talked about existing cures for injuries like mine (SCI)? And as you wrote above here, how dare they, we are still sitting here in the wheelchairs? Damn idiots, are they blind? I was also sitting in this wheelchair when I spoke at our parliament last May; I guess if there was a cure I would not have done that. To me it seems like some of them has decided upfront regardless the studies and papers you put in their face, and not only that, several of them also are in favour of this misinformation propaganda regardless if it is pointed out to them time after time that what they say are not the case by scientists. Several scientists over here has for a long time now tried to explain the science to some of those politicians, I know one professor and he has been working really hard to educate and inform some politicians, he as been at our parliament over and over again and done a great job as such but he is very frustrated over some politicians, no matter how and what he says it seems like some do not want to listen. But he is not giving up, neither are the rest of the University professors I know, they have now arranged a trip for some politicians to the Harvard University, MIT and other places in the US so that some politicians can learn more about this research, because as you know we have at the present a total ban on ESCR, there will be a change here now on this tough, our new government and the new parliament is in favour of a new law and the text is now made ready for it (we also hope we can add extraordinary funding to the bill above the 2007 budgets just released when the law is ready). I also read that you say biomed research in the US was a result of the government invested substantially in the basic biomedical research. That is very true I believe, research such as this (without no comparison to the huge past funding in the US) is also over here a result from government investments but here they are just funding it with nickels and dimes. We hoped that our new government would make this a priority, well, our 2007 budget just got released and research and education was the looser in the budgets. They added a few millions to biomed and stem cell research but it was a joke as for making it one of their priorities. This is also in sharp contrast to our Petroleum Fund which alone will pass 3,000 bln nkr in a few years time. We got a few good hard working politicians but it seems like the few of them are drowning in the games and laziness of other politicians and the bureaucracy. As for the Catholic person you refer to here, neither has I problems with that and respects his stand. The problem is when some of them along with some politician’s acts as they know more about this science and cures then scientists does. Well, I for sure am not a scientist, but in this case I know whom I would have listened to. I don’t have a beef with adult stem cell research at all, I know this research is very important too, but it is very frustrating to sit here whilst scientists here at home and like you say the avenue of ESCR should be explored due to the promises and also based upon what we know about the capability of those cells today as for differentiation into neurons and so on. One professor here also believes this research can help out to solve some of the enigmas of the mechanisms in place when it comes to cancer research and therapies as well, he discovered this hedgehog signalling pathways some years ago… I don’t know where all this will end but it seems clearer for me day by day that we have to really create some noise here and also address our politicians both to educate them (the ones that are willing) and bring them on our side as for helping out for more funding for this research and all research including good infrastructures for clinical trials that can lead to a cure. Glad to see the passage of the New Jersey bill, NJ is doing great and thanks for your efforts.

Edit; it also seems like some politicians have problems to distinct between research and approved therapies. Seems like they also have problems to see that without research there will be no therapies.
In the not so distant past, politicians did not do this... or at least I don't remember that they did. You could show them data and argue rationally with them. If you win the argument, they vote your way. But, now, it doesn't matter whether you have data or not. They just keep repeating the same mantra.