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Thread: Bed Pads

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    Bed Pads

    Does anyone know a good brand and vendor for washable bed pads. The kind with a cotton/poly top, an absorbent middle, and a waterproof vinyl back? (sounds like a candy "all covered by a thin chocolate shell" lol). I've froogled this, but looking for personal experience among y'all. What size do you prefer?

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    I have three different kinds that I have used but I like these the best after they are washed a few times.
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    I got some from A-MED. I get everything from them. I got ALOT of bed pads, so I can keep some at my boyfriends,sisters,parents. you never know
    I got the bigges ones. I like them the best to make sure that nothing gets on my mattress.mine also have thin sheet on the sides so that I can tuck them under my mattress to keep them in place. My insurance covers some of them too,so thats always a plus
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    Sears sell them.
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    'ya know.....I found that baby crib pads work WONDERFUL!!! they're CHEAP, you can find 'em just about anywhere, and they'll cover the entire width of a queen size bed... I bought 'em at Wal-Mart/K-Mart/Target...I think my faves came from Target tho...They typically cost around $7 if memory serves me correctly...
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    All good suggestions. The advantagae of getting them from a manufacturer is they might give you a sample to try.


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    I prefer the disposable ones, screw the enviroment I already have too much laundry to do.

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