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    I'd like to thank Wise for creating this forum. I'm not smart enough to post here, but it's very informative and objective. Carry on.

    Now, back to my smart-aleck self...

    Lief has 'Norwegian wood'. Hehe. He. Hehehe. He. Hehe.

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    i am always open [my brain] to learn more new things regarding science and techonology ..i know i will die stupid .[too much to learn and never learn enough].to learn is not a sin....god allowed us.
    a quick questions ..........why reptiles have cold blood and mammals have a diffr.blood?
    the colour of blood is red ...right?
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    I just renamed this forum Science, Medicine, and Technology... since many of the questions here are related to medicine as well. Please post cure and cure related questions and information in those respective forums. This forum is for discussion of science, medicine, and technology that are not necessarily related to care or cure of spinal cord injury and related disorders. Thanks. Wise.

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