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Thread: Microsoft Office Online: Web site hosting for the small office free beta testing

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    Microsoft Office Online: Web site hosting for the small office free beta testing

    As most people here know, I am a Mac user and thus should have no ulterior motive in pushing Microsoft products. I was searching around for information about Microsoft Office and came across this web hosting service provided by Microsoft. At the present, the service has the right price. It is being beta-tested and is free. You can put up a web site with your own domain name, have up to 50 email addresses, web analysis services, etc. When the service stops its beta testing, the cost is estimated to be $30/month (quite reasonable price for a 25 Gigabyte bandwidth per month web site). They provide up to 5 user-packs (which presumably works only with Windows) to gain access to the site. For those of you who are thinking of starting your own web site, this seems like a good option.

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    No doubt the future lies in online services. With Google's Docs & Spreadsheets bringing word processing and spreadsheets online, and Microsoft discussing a web-based version of Works, how long before we can go purely remote?

    I just can't believe how 'app-like' Google's offering feels.

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