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Thread: Robotic suit to restore mobility to paras

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    Robotic suit to restore mobility to paras

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    Although this has intriguing applications, I'll be more interested to see the results of the ChinaSCINet in 2 years than the results of these robotic legs.

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    This sort of thing has been in the works for a long time. Dr. Jerry Petrofsky is the first scientist who springs to mind. He had paraplegics walking back in the 80s. Not even sure if he was the first in this area.


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    Where's the rest of the article?

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    Wow. I didn't realize GF was involved in this. I'll see if I can find out more and post it here. It'd be neat to try something like this out.

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    Hi Kiran, I already e-mailed them, asking if they were looking for subjects. They have a web site, but other than that, I don't know the details. I might pop into GF and see what is on the board. I will inform you through Surf Sister.

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    PS Kiran, Check out the article link I posted in the SCI Reseach file here. It is a meta-analysis of many articles with a very good review of of info, Much of it willl be old hat to you, but there is also some info of which I was not aware. Brought to you from the folks at UBC PT, GF and icord.

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    I wonder if it's anything like the robotic suit from Japan shown in this thread:
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