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Thread: Need to ask a question to Neurovita...

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    Need to ask a question to Neurovita...

    Can somebody pm a private email address of a doctor?
    I am afraid if I email or use the main number I won´t get a response. Thanks

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    I need a response. Thanks

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    Have you tried?

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    I emailed nuerovita earlier this year and received a reply, this was part of it.
    Depending on the results of clinical examination the cells are taken either from peripheral blood or from olfactory sheath of a nose or from bone marrow or both. The stem cells are applied within the framework of Scientific research project "Cell Technologies for Medicine" of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The cells are applied largely in two ways: either the transfusion or the surgery with biodegradable polymer scaffold implantation.

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    Thanx guys. They have not replied, so that´s why I believe a private email might be better.

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    Maybe they have enough patients and earn enough money for the time being.

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