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Thread: Top End Crossfire (pics)

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    thanks guys.

    ikeraider, the wheels are 25" - tires are 26x1.95"

    not sure of exact weight at this point. it's not heavy at all.
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    Looks good Scott, looks like it folds down nicely.

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    SWEET RIDE,Scott.
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    Nice ride scott! I'm sure you'll love the ergo seating!

    My chair weighs 26lbs thats with spinergys,low pro roho and soft back mines aluminium alaso
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    Nice looking chair, Scott. I like Top End (though wish they were still an independent company, not part of Invacare). How do you like that Roho back? What is the Ergo seat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion
    How do you like that Roho back? What is the Ergo seat?
    I haven't had time to make a few crucial adjustments (one being an axle) & put this chair through the paces yet, but the Roho back is pretty nice. It's really not that fancy, just lightweight - so much so that when I picked up its box before installing it I wasn't sure if it was inside. My reference for comparison is a J2 back on another chair - the Roho is significantly stiffer & lighter. Will it feel much different leaning against it? I dunno. I'm just happy to keep the weight down.

    As for the ergo seat, if you look at the back end of the seat, you'll notice ~6" of front-to-back space that runs parallel to the ground. This simply helps with keeping one's pelvis in a more natural position when sitting. Here's a better pic of the frame from

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    How did you get your chair before i got mine?!?! Who did bl..errr who do you know?

    Thats a nice looking chair!

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    Question on the back....I just ordered one up myself to replace the slingback on my Ti-Lite. Anyhow, is that the short version you have pictured? I think it should be about 10" in height.

    Just curious because that is what I ordered. Hope to see it soon.
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    Sweet chair Scott! Thanks for the pictures, you just got me thinking about a L shaped frame chair now, you bastard! I am tired of that box frame chair on my front seat of the car with the casters sticking up. Got an idea of a L frame with the casters down in the passenger footwell and the frame not in my line of sight. Gotta do some measuring to see how that would work. Youre costing me money buddy! LOL

    Enjoy the chair!

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    Shaun - I dunno, I just ordered it through Sportaid. Took like 3.5 weeks to show up.

    Jeepin - yeah, that's the shorter version of the back.

    Andy - happy to help.

    ANYWAY, I may have to send this pile back or something. The fawkers got the front seat height wrong. I needed it to be 19" high b/c w/ cushion, my current/old chair sits right around 21" & it works real well. Not only is the front height between 18-18.5," but the upholstery sags a little, which I wasn't planning for - which ultimately drops the seat height UNDER 18" - pics to follow.

    That being said, I've been working w/ Jimbo @ Sportaid - he's a quad as well - EXCELLENT customer service. Will update you guys again on Monday.

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