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Thread: Alright, since I'm just sitting here, a Stanley update

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    Alright, since I'm just sitting here, a Stanley update

    He is doing GREAT. I am so impressed by this dog. Dan_nc and lizbv both got to meet him in person .. uh, in dog? Although Trooper was not enamored by Stanley in the least! He barked once and lunged at Stanley who promptly hid between my legs and quivered for 10 minutes, lol.

    I am doing pretty well with the training if I say so myself. I have alot of books, have the Top Dog program - which is GREAT. Very structured and focuses on not going too quickly, to learn each step very well before moving on.

    And today was SO awesome because Chad was up for the first time since that whole almost-died-episode and Stanley was a champ! I leashed him to Chad's chair and he, for the most part, followed Chad very well. We went to the doctor's office first (where he was seen as a follow up from the hospital and I was seen as a follow up for my concussion ..... they laughed at our collective woes ... ! ). Then we went to the mall for about an hour, where I got my new nonworking phone incidentally. And he was so good!! He 100% followed Chad in the mall and sat quietly whenever he stopped. We ate lunch out and he slept under the table the whole time.

    That's the rosy part - the hard part is .... well, he's a DOG! And a puppy to boot. It is alot alot alot of work. At least two 45 min walks a day (but I've lost 5 pounds, woo hoo) and lots of training. Certainly makes the day fly by quickly. It's been funny watching the two cats and the pup wrangle for dominance. So far, it is Big Cat on top, Baby Cat in the middle and Pup on the bottom rung. He hasn't figured out he is humungous yet and has still allowed our 4 pound kitten to intimidate him!
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    Glad Stanley is so great Ami.....I am happy for you and Chad!!!!
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    Yup, our cats have ALWAYS been the bosses! Despite up to a 95 pound difference!
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    Oh yeah, I can understand that cat part. We have no cats in this house (due to Don's and my allergies) but my border collie Badger was a humane society dog so he gets along with cats too. I watched a stray cat beat the crap out of him the one night and he just stood there. BUT, he also gets along with dogs too, he just doesn't take as much crap from them as he does cats.
    Anyone know anything about doggie seizures? Poor Badge has one about every 3-4 months now, and he usually snaps out of them pretty quickly. I've read on them, problem is, I can't afford to get him to a vet at the moment. (Dang waiting game thing again.)
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    Be careful with those seizures...your dog could have a real bad tumor...which is what my rabbit had (yeah...I know...different animal). I did not get hiom checked until he had a grand mal seizure and almost died. He ended up dying about a year later after deciding to let him live out his life at home (he was not in pain...and I wanted him to die in comfortable surroundings). I look back on it now and wonder if things would have been different...but I consider myself lucky that I had 12 years with him...which I would never trade in.

    Ami- glad to hear the training of Stanley is going so well! I can just see Chad and him now...a force to be reckoned with!
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    The Stanley pup is really cute
    Here we are in attached. It was great to see you both again.
    Dan, you are doing terrific for 1yr post.
    Miss you guys. Zilla did you get my phone message?

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    Yes, I got it late because my phone got screwed up and then I was in the hospital .... see my other post!! Glad you back out etc. Talk soon, Ami
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    Thanks for posting the pic, B

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    Thanks for posting the photo. You three look great together!

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