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    Help- Dr. Young

    Hi Dr. Young,
    This maybe alittle long but this is what has been happening to my poor husband. He is having great problems with his right leg and cannot walk even with the cane the pain is so bad. Our PM doctor wanted to give him an injection of a steroid, the MRI showed a pinched nerve so maybe the injection would help if not surgery again. The problem we have been facing for over three weeks is the workmens comp. has not approved this as of today so we tried to go directly to medicare but they can't do anything until comp. denies us. This could take another few weeks, which my husband can't wait. It's a damn shame that they make people suffer like this. I can't begin to tell you the things they (doctors, lawyers etc.) are putting us through. I even offered to pay for the proceedure myself but no one will tell us appx. how much it would cost.
    My question to you is- do you have any idea what an injection would cost? I know you have alot of contacts and just maybe someone could give me around about figure. I can't stand to see my husband suffer anymore.
    can this lead to paraylsis? The herinated disc is leaning on a nerve root, and the pain is getting worse. Can't sit.
    Thank you,
    Marianne (eagle18 wife)
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    NO idea if this is even in the ballpark, but I had a cortisone shot in my foot and it was $68 for the injection, $200 to put it in. But it was in my foot and very simple. I'm sure it would be much more for your DH's situation. Hope you get some answers.
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    Hi Ami,
    Thank you for the input. Yes I am sure it will cost a whole lot more, due to the fact they put you in a twlight light sleep or maybe completely out.
    I just added to my question to Dr. Young, his pain is getting worse and he can't even sit. Hopefully Dr. Young with have an answer.
    Hope you and your family are doing much better after your ordeal. And I was happy to read how well your puppy is getting along with Chad.
    Thanks again you are always there with some kind of advice.

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    If you are talking about an epidural steroid injection.....they were around 900.00-1200.00 at our small rural hospital last year when I left my job. I am in North Carolina so it may be more expensive where you are.
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