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Thread: Explaining things to an eight year old

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    Hey, we have a room like that, too!
    It used to be our library, on the ground floor. Just before my wife came home, my son & I carried everything upstairs and dumped it onto the floor of our daughter's room (away at college), to make space for the hospital bed. You can't get in that room for the piles & piles of books, only past the door a foot or 2. Some day...
    - Richard

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    It takes a long time for the people who care about us to come to terms with our injury and they all deal with it in different ways.
    In my case the children in my life have dealt with it better than everyone else. My best friends children who are three and six years old find ways to include me in so many of the things they do, they will help me when they see me struggling but don't fuss over me or try to do everything for me.
    However they do pick up on our emotions and become very protective of me when I'm anxious even to the point of being rude to other people when they ask thoughtless questions or assume I can or can't do something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfbdorf
    I'm sure it's the norm. Every step was scary for my wife.
    Leaving the hospital for rehab, leaving rehab, going back to rehab again, leaving rehab. "Can't I stay here longer? I'm not ready yet."
    But yes, she was real happy to be home.
    - Richard
    I was the same way .... my injury was in February, and the initial discharge date was April 4! I was terrified. It actually kept getting extended, 2 weeks at a time, until mid May, but it is OK to be afraid! Once I was actually home it was better, but I still missed having the nurses available 24/7 for questions or worries, and knowing that medical help was right there at all times. But just being home makes it all worthwhile.

    The whole pet store visit sounds like it went a long way to helping you nephew adjust. He may very well get really interested in some of the equipment you use .... voice recognition software, all the "gadgets", etc. Keep it up, it will get better, although I find it is often a 1 step forward 2 steps back sort of thing. I am 18 months post, and sometimes it seems like nothing is improving, and then I do something and realize just how much easier it is than 6 months ago, or whenever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2jazzyjeff
    OJ, i have a 7 year old nephew, but my scenario is a bit different. i had my accident when he was 3 so he only knows me being in the chair. it didn't take him long to understand, well sorta, but he is very intelligent for his age. he is at the point of asking many, many questions and trying to figure out how to get me involved with his activities. he understands that i can't do things without my chair, it's just funny how he tries to find ways for me to. a few months ago he went to a local waterpark and had a blast. a few days later, he went into my sisters and bro-in-laws bedroom all serious and asking that when i get better, can he take me to the waterpark to ride the slides... my sis called me and we were just in tears bc of the many comments and ideas that goes on in his head.

    his bedroom is upstairs and i obviously can't get there. he has designed a pully system over the railing and up the stairs whereas i am sliding on a mat on my back.. we got a huge laugh from that one, but not in front of him. he was just way too serious. last weekend he drew a small book documenting my accident. it had me riding my motorcycle, having a wreck, in the hospital, and then in my chair.. it was awesome and i think my artistic talents may have carried over to him.. i hope. we went to Six Flags yesterday and he rode around in my lap a lot. for the most part, i think he is doing great with it. my sister works with him a lot when he sees me making sure that he understands. i think that his parents have their duties to work with your nephew as he is older than mine when this happened, atleast this nephew. i have another nephew that was 6 at the time. i lived with my brother and his family for around 7 months after my accident. he was/is a hoot. he is in accelarated everything and has so much energy.. he took it great. being there every night really helped so i can say that being close to him helped deal with the realities of a wheelchair. every night he would come blazing thru the doors to ask gawd knows what. i just answered and watched his mind process the info..

    all i can say is give good info. to your sister and just be yourself. he will ask a lot of questions and you will cry over what he asks. there will be sad and very happy times to come. i know that i probly haven't helped much, but just wanted to share my experience. good luck with him..
    great post man. that really put a smile on my face

    i was invited to a waterpark, and i had to explain to her that i am incapable for right now.

    sort of hurts to have to deny going somewhere you'd normally not think twice about. dammit, i really wanted to see her in a bikini too. whatta bummer. LOL time.....

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    Wow. Interesting revival of an old thread.

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