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Thread: Medicaid to Medicare switch

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    Medicaid to Medicare switch

    I was trying to get an idea of the changes in coverage I will experience in the near future when I become eligible for Medicare. My current situation on Medicaid is that once I meet my spend down /deductible my cathing supplies and wound care supplies are fully covered and my medicine prescription have a couple dollar co-pay.

    I'm sure each case is unique, but I was just wondering what others experience.

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    Will you "switch," or will you be able to have both? If you were eligible for medicaid before you got medicare, you should be able to keep both if your income hasn't increased.
    If so, then no worries. If you lose medicaid, medicare doesn't pay for a lot of the stuff medicaid pays for. I'm not an expert, I've not been on medicaid, but I understand that if your income permits, you can be on both of them concurrently.

    Good luck
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    That is the way it works in our state too. When you become eligible for Medicare, your Medicaid continues as your secondary insurance. They generally pay your Medicare premiums too. Of course if your income or assets have changed to make you no longer eligible for Medicaid this does not apply. is an excellent resource. You can also talk to the benefits counselor at your local ILC about this.


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    the way it is here in ga...after 2 yrs bein disabled i believe, you are eligible for medicare. ya still keep both but medicare becomes your primary an medicaid picks up any additional costs. so you're still fully covered.

    you sound like me. i have to pay so much outta pocket to make my income within poverty level. disabled + unable to work.........SUXXX.

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