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Thread: Human stem cells delay start of Lou Gehrig's disease in rats

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    This news is awesome!

    What they are doing is no joke. Their study as the Bloomberg article points out, is proving certain negative beliefs about the therapeudic value of stem cells to be wrong: "The dogma was that the spinal cord can not make neurons, or allow engrafted cells to become neurons,'' said Vassilis Koliatsos, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine neurologist who led the study, in an Oct. 12 telephone interview. ``The assumption was also that because this is a toxic environment where motor neurons are dying, the cells would die.''

    These assumptions ``are increasingly proven wrong'' by this research and other recent studies, he said. Koliatsos's study was published today in the journal Transplantation.

    The transplanted cells, which developed into neurons, or nerve cells, formed connections to existing neurons that had been damaged by the disease and were able to convey information through electrical signals and deliver proteins to help nourish the sick cells, Koliatsos said.

    This is potentially huge for everyone! Why? Not only because of the "Proof of Principal" aspect but because IF their human clinical trials prove successful, Neuralstem Inc's technology claims that they will be able to manufacture these stem cells on a commercial level to meet clinical demand!

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    It's going to take companies like this and Geron to get this going in the most diverse..well equipt richest country on EARTH.

    A little bit of rebel combined with talent that excels can do anything it puts it's mind to..if the naysayers would just give them a chance.

    And we have plenty of beautiful mega complexes already built to house this work. I can't believe how much is being used just for new facilities when in places like China the scientists will work in dumps. Please.

    This IS the land of opportunity.
    Life isn't about getting thru the storm but learning to dance in the rain.

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    Agree NoDecaf'

    KBK. Let’s hope you will get a thoughtful reply whit some positive news back, good to hear your son is stable and hope he will get better and that the winter will not be to hard.

    Right Angios, I think they are very serious; some of the founders of this company also have connections to Advanced Cell Technology if I’m correct here, and like we se they also collaborate with Johns Hopkins and universities in California. In fact they also plan on treatments for acute SCI among other things as I have read, they also plan to start human clinical trials in 2007 for ischemic paraplegia. I posted something I found a bout that in another thread, please check this thread.

    Lindox, I agree, I also believe a cure will have connections to the US or emerge in the US regardless of the politics, but politics can either speed it up or slow it down and at the present I think the politics are slowing it down (btw I kind of liked the CEO’s blog, he seems like a good rebel to me). Still, collaboration happens, EU also got a pretty good research budget recently (which also will fund ESCR) and will gear up hopefully, we also see collaboration over the Atlantic which is good. Like Geron which opened a subsidiary in UK and are collaborating with the University of Edinburgh (remember Ian Wilmut). Even my small place also has connections over the Atlantic in two SCI projects I know about. The only thing missing I feel on both sides of the Atlantic and elsewhere for that matter is a focus from our politicians, say if in a joint venture several governments could have funded specifically some of what we see here I bet we would have had some kind of cures really soon. Thereby it is super important to vote in the correct politicians and sit on their backs until a cure is here (if we all do that it would not take to long time), regardless the side of the Atlantic we are or for that matter other places in the world like in Australia which also has many good scientists that want to research if only they get the means to do so.

    - It’s uplifting to see progress in research like this although in to small steps at the time.
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