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Thread: Heading out on your own

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    Heading out on your own

    Does anyone have any wise advice, lessons learned from experience or helpful suggestions to a quad planning to live on their own for the first time?

    Phil C6
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    you finally moving here to the states huh? FL has beautiful beaches ya know
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    Have a friend you can call thats capable of carryying you when you fall on the floor.

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    I don't have any suggestions but I'm going to be in the same shape hopefully very shortly. Within the next six months (that is the plan) I am planning on being out on my own with only morning and evening help. Life alert and a cell phone will be my friend.

    Along with good neighbors.

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    Good neighbors, life alerts, cell phones. Good Ideas (TM).

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    Nothing other than good luck!!!!!
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    At C6, do you have tri's?, you should be able to do it. I'm C5/6, no tri's, and I manage. Haven't got the cooking yet, only 3 yrs post, so I use 3 visits/day.

    But like everyone said, phone, neighbours, and it's a good idea to get freindly with a nearby fire dept. They're usually strong enough to pick you up, and not overly buisy.

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    Cellphones are your friend. Will you have family/friends/pca's checking in occasionally?

    Mainly, I suggest you chain your wallet to your body when you go to the strip clubs.

    Get the peephole on your front door lowered too. I recall you're not living in Safety Central there...

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