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Thread: shower bench help please

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    shower bench help please

    We are looking for a shower bench that will work better for my son's shower. We just finished taking out the tub and made a shower. Unfortunetly there is a lip of about 2" that was put in . The bench fits perfectly inside- leaving quite amount of space (not good) when transferring. We tried the legs on the outside of the lip (very wobbly because suction cups dont stick. What we are looking for is a bench that has a seat that sticks out farther from the legs. This would allow him to be closer to the bench when he transfers. Has anyone seen or have such a bench? Or any ideas......
    Thank you !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lois

    i use one similar to this type.

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    Check out that Invacare 'bariatric' bench. Bigger and more sturdy than the typical bench. Doesnt have a lip that sticks out, but 10x better than other benches out there IMO. I think there is a photo of it in the bathroom remodel thread in the Life section.

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