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Thread: pain meds online

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    pain meds online

    I suffer from a herniated disc (L5S1) and was considering ordering from an online pharmacy. I was told that i could order pain medicine online but I find it hard to believe that this is possible. I'm looking for prescription meds like Lortab, Percocet, or Vicodin. I'm not looking to obtain them illegally - it's just that I've heard that I can get prescriptions online.
    I'm not a drug abuser...just someone in serious need of my pain being reduced. My doctor is reluctant to increase my dosage but he does not understand the pain that I must endure day to day. It's basically impossible for me to function.

    So if there's anyone here who could maybe help direct me in the right direction, I' would be grateful to you for your help.


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    Ordering prescription drugs online is the same as walking into your neighborhood pharmacy. You still need a script from the doctor. Not sure myself how it works for narcotic pain meds, as you cand have those mailed of faxed to the pharmacy. If your doc won't increase your prescription tho, the online deal won't help.
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    Erica - I sent you a PM.

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    We went on a cruise last year and I remember , it was in either St. Thomas ,or St. Marrten , and in the pharmacy you could buy pain medication like Vicodin or other milder drugs you could even buy Viagra at $5.00 a pill they weren't cheap by no means , you would be much better off to go to the Dr. and get the Prscription;LBUSH

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    online consultation services

    I understand your concern as to how it is legal to receive prescriptions online but it basically works just like going into the Doctor's office. I have been using Online Doctor Consultations off and on for years; I just found this new site.
    It is called <mod edit>. They work with US DR.s and a US pharmacy. They do it by the book; and because of this everything is legal. The question of legality falls with you, the patient, being truthful and only using one doctor and pharmacy to get narcotic medication. The consult fee is $95.00, and usually you will get 2 refills with your first prescription.
    I am saving a great deal of time and money using the online service, for example it did cost $375.00 per month for my Dr. visit and prescriptions when I went to a local Pain Management Doctor. As a working mother this is very important and now I do not have to miss work to sit and wait for hours at the Dr.
    You have to register, then fax a copy of your most recent physical, any MRI or LAB reports, (you can even sign a release so that your Dr. can send the info), and any other documents that are required such as a credit card release form, etc. I fax my records in from the nearest UPS store because I do not have a fax machine. Then your card is charged and you have your consultation, and at this one, if you schedule early enough, you can get your meds the next day. It comes COD right to your door.
    I hope this helps to relieve your frustration and I hope you at least look up the website. I called them after visiting the site and the girl I spoke with was really helpful.

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    sounds like a scam, dont give your credit card number out to these people
    cauda equina

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    There are many online sites; this is not a scam. Like I mentioned before I have tried various ones for several years and the customer service at this one has been the best. Erica, you can PM me if you want.

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    credit card release form? still sounds lie a scam,
    and since the original poster has 1 post and your 5 post are all about getting pain meds on line i still call it a scam
    cauda equina

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    in terms of online pharmacies, the only site i really trust is <mod edit> and i've never had any problems with it... one thing i like about it is the fact that it even copares prices with other reputable online pharmacies, so i can get a good deal anytime...
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    wow all these 1 and 2 post people promoting online pharmacies?
    cauda equina

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