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Thread: Rolli-Moden going out of business... Help.

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    Rolli-Moden going out of business... Help.

    I'd been wearing jeans from this company for the last 10 years and today I found out they are going out of business. Their clothes are very expensive, but worth it in my opinion. The clothes come from Germany and even though the US store is closing in December, the overseas company will not ship to the United States because of postage costs, (so I'm told after calling the 1 800 number).

    I'm looking for a pair of pants like their light weight sports pants here with the rise in the back.

    Does anyone know where I can find pants like this? Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not surprised. Their last catalog look mighty sparse. The only other place I know is USA Jeans. while I prefer Darlene's jeans over the RM's, her slacks leave something to be desired.

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    USA Jeans will make you a pair that will fit. I sent them (Darlene at USA Jeans) a pair of jeans that I had bought from Rolli-Moden that were tailored to fit me perfectly. Darlene did a nice job recreating the exact size and the material was very good. However, the zippers and clasps are cheap and flimsy, the wait was several weeks, and the elastsized band on the jeans is in the back and is essentially useless because it doesn't expand when you sit up. I liked the Rolli jeans much better but I'm not sure what I'll do now either. I haven't tried the USA Jeans dress slacks though.

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    I'd hate to go back to just buying pants off the rack that give you plumbers ass when you sit down and put your balls in full choke!

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    so theres more to the "sitting" pants than just the rise in the back? i don't have a prob with regular jeans coming down in the back. i do notice i'm always havin to dig em outta my crotch.

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