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Thread: Does Medicare Provide An Aid?

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    Does Medicare Provide An Aid?

    Does anyone know if medicare provides an aid to come to the house to help my husband out with little things? I know if you have medicaid they send people to the house, but he only has medicare. He is not fully disabled but his legs are getting worse and the walking is hard for him to get up and get things like food, etc. I work all day and I feel so bad that he has no one with him in the day. Any suggestions. A wheel chair is too large for our apartment.
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    Medicare pays only for skilled care, and then only for those who are totally homebound. Assistance with ADLs, bathing, dressing, etc. is not considered skilled care. Wound care, catheter changes (but not ICP), etc. is skilled care. Homebound means that it takes considerable effort for the person to leave their home, and this is done only occasionally and primarily for medical care. If he leaves the home for recreational or social activities this usually means that he is not homebound according to Medicare.

    Sucks, huh?!! You may want to look at the ADAPT website for more information on trying to get these regulations changed.

    If he is not eligible for Medicaid due to income, then such assistance is generally arranged through private hire/payment. Sorry.


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    You may wish to check with the Area Agency on Aging and Disability in your region about the possibility of home delivered meals. A trained volunteer would come once a day with a hot meal for your husband. If he needs help setting up the lunch, opening containers, etc. the volunteer would assist.

    The volunteer would not stay with your husband while he eats, but would be there to bring the food to him.

    There may or may not be a waiting list for the program in your area. It never hurts to ask.

    Eligibility for the meals is not means-tested (income based). Donations for the program are accepted.

    As you had written he has trouble with getting food while you are working during the day, thought this might help.

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    Thank you for the info, my husband never goes out only to the doctors and with my help. He cannot do for his self. But I understand what you are saying. I also will look into the aging and disabilty agency that LaMemChose responded to my question thanks. I will also look into meals on wheels.
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    You may want to contect Exceeding Abundantly Above All Home Health Care. This is a private duty aide program that provides personal care and companionship, it is on a self pay basis. There phone number is 330-622-7435

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    Thank you for the info TKB329,
    I live in Queens, New York, where are they located? and do they have an agency in NY?

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