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Thread: IV Lidocaine Therapy

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    IV Lidocaine Therapy

    Has anyone gone through IV Lidocaine Therapy? I'm scheduled to have my first treatment in the beginning of November to ease the pain I have when sitting. Pain begins after about 45 minutes of continual sitting, and only lessens when I lay on my side or stomache. As a side note, I have seen numerous Neurologists, Physiatrists, and have been diagnosed with sciatica.

    I have tried different medications; Baclofen, Lyrica, Amitrypilene, and Mobic to name a few. I was recently started on Daypro and have noticed about a 25% decrease in sitting pain.

    I have also tried a TENS unit, challenging physical rehab, and pain killers. Pain killers are effective, but I don't want any of the side effects. I believe my ability to sit longer can be mostly attributed to continual exercise on my recumbent trike.

    What should I expect from the treatment? How is the treatment performed? Are there side effects? Should I be concerned of loss of sensation or motor control?


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