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Thread: anyone can contribute wheel chair / comode chair / cushions etc.

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    anyone can contribute wheel chair / comode chair / cushions etc.

    Hi There If Anyone Is Willing To Give Away Used Wheel Chair / Comode Chair / Cushions Or Anything Which A Spinal Injury Person Can Use Please Let Me Know As I Need The Above For My Mum. I Have An Old Wheel Chair But It Is Very Uncomfortable. Oh By The Way I Am In The Other Side Of The World- That Is Sri Lanka In Asia, So If You Like To Help Please Contact Me,



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    Riyasa I'm also from Sri Lanka. Contact the Lions or the Rotaries Association in your area and they will donate one. Or the Social Services Department also gives free wheelchairs. Write to them too.

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    thanks mr. sisira, i contacted the rotary and sent a mail, but they replied once then afterwards nobidy contacted me eventhough I sent mails to them. but i will try the lions club too,


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